The Centre For Social Purpose

Supporting organisations to achieve their purpose and commercial objectives through improving operational excellence

Supporting the sector in a challenging environment

For purpose organisations play an important role in our society.

They deliver significant social impact across diverse areas such as health, disability, aged care, international humanitarian and development, asylum seekers and refugees, and social services.

Being close to the frontline of those in need, they have a clear understanding of social needs.

They also have a unique ability to engage those with a shared commitment, mobilise resources, deliver services that change lives and advocate for social change.

This happens within a challenging environment.

For purpose organisations are delivering these services with constrained budgets and resources. Financial sustainability issues have forced some organisations to scale back services while others have closed down.

COVID-19 has introduced new challenges as it significantly impacts funding, the ability to deliver services, staff morale and productivity.

In response, sector leaders need to have an even great focus on delivering both their purpose and their commercial objectives.


The Centre For Social Purpose was created in 2017 as a membership community to leverage the sector experience to find solutions to shared challenges.

A number of sector co-creation Roundtables identified four key guiding principles:

1. Shared Challenges.
Our organisations are facing the same challenges as the sector is transformed with the shift to consumer directed funding.

2. The Power of Peer Learning.
Many of the solutions to these challenges already exist within the sector. Peer insights and practical suggestions can provide significant benefits.

3. Focus on Operational Excellence.
It is the enabler to deliver both purpose and commercial objectives

4. “For Purpose” Replaces “Not For Profit”
The phrase “Not For Profit” no longer describes the sector. Organisations must deliver a surplus in order to sustainably deliver its purpose. We choose to define ourselves in a positive way – as for purpose.

Working together to thrive, not just survive 

Our Purpose

Supporting organisations to achieve their purpose and commercial objectives through improving operational excellence

Our Objectives

The Centre helps organisations to :

Achieve Revenue Goals

Optimise Impact

Reduce Costs Through Productivity Improvements

Our Approach 

We achieve this by focusing on three things :


  • Roundtables & Forums : Insights from peers and practical takeaways
  • Best Practice Groups: Peer learning and collaborative problem solving
  • Online Forum


  • Cost-effective, sector-relevant training
  • Mentoring service
  • Consultant Introductions


  • Productivity improvement ideas
  • Resource sharing
  • Knowledge Hub