The Centre for Social Purpose is a not for profit company limited by guarantee (ABN 23 623 022 266).

Our emphasis is to assist social purpose organizations to thrive, not just survive, in this changing environment.

The Centre is a member-led forum to assist organisations:

  • Achieve their revenue goals
  • Optimise impact
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Have a voice on matters affecting their ability to sustainably deliver their purpose

We do this through by focusing on three key areas :

  • We Connect people and resources through Roundtables, Working groups and an on-line forum to share ideas
  • We Develop through Whitepapers, articles, training, consulting and access to skilled volunteers
  • We Reduce Costs through Group Buying discounts, resource sharing and a Knowledge Hub

This is all delivered through a member-led forum which draws upon deep experience and expertise from:

  • Member organisations – who have each achieved success in different areas
  • Industry leaders – ex-CEOs, senior executives and functional experts able to share their experience
  • Facilitators, coaches, consultants and researchers – who have sector experience and subject matter expertise

Our organisation has three key prongs to ensure we add value to the sector:

  • The Board : consists of industry leaders and experienced facilitators and consultants, to provide direction and oversee performance
  • Member-led : Member organisations vote on where the Centre should focus energy

The Executive Director manages the Centre and leads service delivery  implementation.