Consulting & Assessment

Learn from the Success of Others

Implementation assistance 

The Centre has access to a pool of consultants who have deep experience guiding For Purpose organisations to improve performance. Working with these consultants gives you access to deep knowledge, expertise, and experience to help transform your organisation.


The ultimate goal for any social purpose organisation is to create a social impact. Having a clear strategy to achieve this goal is the critical step to ensure your organisation achieves your mission.

The consultants can help you:

  • Conduct an external assessment (horizon scanning)
  • Build a framework to understand, measure and communicate your impact


The objective is clear – improve organisational performance. The challenge is where to prioritize and allocate your scarce resources to achieve the optimal impact.

An organisational assessment will provide you with a report that compares your organisation against benchmarked best practices, and is a catalyst for your Executive Team to create an Action Plan.

Your Consultant can draw upon a broad range of assessment tools including:

  • Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) – a free on-line survey tool from McKinsey Group covering leadership, aspirations, strategy, funding, marketing, advocacy, and business processes
  • The Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) – an on-line survey tool by The TCC Group covering four quadrants – Leadership, Adaptive, Management and Technical. This tool costs $ 1,000 and the report compares your organisation against benchmarks from 6,000 nonprofit organisations that have completed the survey
  • Functional Area Assessments – various on-line tools cover best practices in functional areas of Operational Excellence
    The on-line survey is supplemented with interviews with your key stakeholders. The deliverable is a report with recommendations and a facilitated discussion on the findings to create an action plan.