Our Board

A combination of Industry Leaders and Sector-Experienced Consultants

The Centre for Social Purpose Board provides a balance of industry leadership with transformation skills. We have sought to create a Board that reflects the breadth of the sector (such as disability services, aged care, health, international development, multi-cultural and social services) and also functional expertise (such as strategy, operations, innovation, and finance)

David Bradford


David has vast experience in the social purpose sector. As the Director, Training and Investigation Services at The Dav’Ange Group, David has worked with executives and managers from the Justice, Health and Community Services sectors to drive improvement in performance management, risk and capability building.  He has played a key role in workforce development and indigenous workforce development in the Health and Child Protection Sectors. David served on the Board or the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council for 5 years and in that time served on the Executive Committee and led the National Industry Consultation for the development of the National Training Package as the TPAC Chairman.

David has served on the Boards of Catalyst Family and Community Services and Australian National Paramedic Support Foundation, and held Director and management roles at Queensland Health, Department of Community Services and Department of Family Services.

David brings the following strengths to the Centre for Social Purpose Board :

  • Deep experience in Community Services sector
  • Concentrated expertise in strategic thinking, capability development and performance management
  • Strong community building skills
  • Workforce development strategy experience

Heather Bailey

Heather is a senior HR professional who combines her strategic mindset and analytical skills with executive experience in the manufacturing and For Purpose sectors to assist organisations improve business effectiveness.

As the Social Enterprise Projects Manager, Centre for Social Impact (UNSW), Heather teaches post graduate business students and manages their involvement in a social enterprise project.

In her previous role as the Organisational Development Manager for the INGO Caritas, Heather designed and implemented capability development initiatives to equip staff with skills to deliver the mission.

Heather’s volunteering experiences have covered community building, women’s issues, democracy, climate justice and disability.

Heather is also a longstanding member of Charles Sturt University’s curriculum advisory committee for their Human Resources Management undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Heather brings the following strengths to the Centre for Social Purpose Board in her role as Board Member and Company Secretary:

  • Deep understanding of the For-Purpose sector and key drivers which are disrupting the sector
  • Respected expertise in team dynamics, culture building and systems thinking
  • Strong analytical skills and a pragmatic focus on results.

Michael Curtin

Michael is an effective senior executive with strong leadership and strategic skills, and proven capability in cultural change, business turn-around, and improvement programs to achieve profitable operations. As the Global Programme Manager, Leadership Academy at QBE, Michael was responsible for an architecture of leadership development programs delivered around the world.  As a Program Director at Melbourne Business School, he designed and directed capability development initiatives for clients as diverse as Aboriginal Affairs NSW, Nestle Malaysia, the Government of Indonesia, CSR, David Jones and News Limited.

Michael has significant leadership experience, including his time as Managing Director of the Australian and New Zealand operations of Lee Hecht Harrison, a leading human capital consulting firm.

Michael brings the following strengths to the Centre for Social Purpose Board :

  • Deep experience in designing and leading capability development initiatives
  • Concentrated expertise in strategic leadership, high performing teams, and culture change
  • Strong connections to the corporate and university sectors

Brian Doolan (Chair)

Brian is a highly respected leader in the social purpose sector. Brian’s career spans more than 30 years working with social purpose organizations including Aboriginal controlled and community organizations in Australia and international development organizations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.In his 13 years as CEO of the Fred Hollows Foundation, the organisation grew to be a global leader in eye health operating in more than 25 countries, supported 4 million eye operations and treatments, and trained over 200,000 eye surgeons and health workers. In 2013, the Foundation was rated by The Global Journal as one of the Top 50 NGOs in the world.

Brian is on the Board of Alina Vision, is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and served as Vice President for the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) from 2014 to 2017.

Brian brings the following strengths to the Centre for Social Purpose Board :

  • Deep experience as an industry leader in Australia and internationally
  • Strong strategic thinking, change management and capacity building expertise
  • Board governance experience and expertise

Craig Hawke

Craig has significant experience assisting organizations to strengthen management capability to achieve their strategic objectives.

As the Executive Director of The Centre for Social Purpose, Craig has been the catalyst for creating a unique industry forum supporting organizations to sustainably deliver their purpose. He played a key role in facilitating the Co-Creation Roundtables, authored NFP Sector Whitepapers and led the formation of the Centre.

Craig has held both senior and specialist roles at Australia’s leading business schools including the Australian Graduate School of Management, Macquarie Graduate School of Management and Melbourne Business School.

Craig brings the following strengths to the Centre for Social Purpose Board :

A strong understanding of the challenges facing the Social Purpose sector
Strong community-building skills

Kirsty Nowlan (Deputy Chair)

Kirsty has a strong track record of driving policy change and leading effective advocacy teams in the social purpose sector.

As Executive Director, Strategic Engagement, Research and Advocacy at The Benevolent Society, she is responsible for the oversight of two emerging campaigns: tackling ageism and improving the safety of Australian children.  Her group also includes consumer engagement, research, brand and communications.

In her previous role as Global Director of Public Policy at World Vision International; she was part of the leadership team that oversaw the growth of campaigning capacity in over forty countries ranging from middle-income economies to fragile and conflict affected states.  She has led advocacy initiatives in areas including child mortality and child protection, food security, the Sustainable Development Goals and The New Deal for Fragile States.

Kirsty holds a Ph.D. in international law and politics.  Her thesis explored the evolution of new forms of power through citizen activism around international trade negotiations.

Kirsty brings the following strengths to the Centre for Social Purpose Board :

  • Deep experience in the international development and disability sectors
  • Strong strategic thinking and policy expertise

Allan Ryan

Allan is one of Australia’s leaders in innovation and change. He has a deep understanding of the social purpose sector.

As the Executive Director of Hargraves Institute for Innovation, Allan has established a leading forum where people from the corporate, government and social purpose sectors meet to exchange ideas, tools and collective wisdom to increase their performance and improve outcomes.

Allan also brings significant social purpose experience from his roles as President of Arthritis & Osteoporosis NSW and Group General Manager at The Smith Family Commercial Division and Deputy CEO of The Smith family

Allan brings the following strengths to the Centre for Social Purpose Board :

  • A deep understanding of the challenges facing all NFPs in balancing purpose and sustainability
  • Concentrated experience of leading and delivering real change that adds value
  • Respected expertise in strategic thinking, innovation and change management

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