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Leveraging industry experience and subject matter expertise to improve Operational Excellence

Services that we Offer

The Centre provides services to help organisations achieve their purpose and commercial objectives through improving operational excellence.

Zoom Roundtables & Hot Topic Forums (Zoom)

Gain insights and practical takeaways

These  events focus on a different aspect of operational excellence.

Roundtables are two hours and involve a panel of 3 organisations that have made progress in this area.

Forums are 90 mins and involves a Subject Matter Expert (sector or consultant) presenting on a hot topic.

Both formats include facilitated small group discussion (Zoom break out rooms) to gain insights and ideas from peers.

Best Practice Groups (Zoom)

Collaborative Problem Solving

Groups of 8 participants have a 90-minute facilitated Zoom-video call every 2nd month for a deep dive discussion on a shared challenge (or opportunity)  using a collaborative problem solving process.

The groups identify the topics for each sessions.

The initial Best Practice Groups are focusing on four topics :

  • Impact Measurement
  • Managing Compliance
  • Digital Leadership
  • Volunteer Management

Best Practice Groups are available for members only.

Self-paced e-Learning

Gain Baseline Knowledge Before Zoom Workshops

Participants complete pre-reading or self-paced online modules to understand key frameworks and best practice approaches which are then discussed at the Zoom workshop.

Each module consists of multiple 3 – 5 minute micro-sessions for easier consumption. These sessions include narrated PowerPoint slides, talking head segments from sector specialists and activities to embed key ideas.

Workshops (Zoom)

Cost-effective, Sector-relevant Capability Development

Capability development is critical to ensure staff have the skills to be effective and nimble in supporting organisation’s purpose and commercial objectives.

Our workshops include pre-reading or self-paced online modules which provide participants with baseline knowledge of key concepts and frameworks.

This allows the Zoom workshops to focus on embedding skills through groups discussion and activities. Action planning and setting up buddy groups ensures participants leave with a clear implementation plan.

Workshops are competitively priced at $330 (members) or $440 (non-members) per person.

This includes pre-reading or self-paced online modules, three Zoom workshops (each 2.5 hours duration) and access to the CSP Knowledge Hub.

Accredited Program (Zoom)

Supporting Talent Retention and Career Progression

Supporting professional development is an effective investment to improve effectiveness and productivity, while also assisting talent retention.

The Centre is pleased to partner with Bradford Institute of Advanced Education (BIAE) to promote the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management (ADCSM) as a cost-effective, sector-relevant development offering.

This is particularly cost-effective for participants in Queensland, ACT and South Australia who are eligible for a significant TAFE subsidy.

Assessment & Consulting

Introduction to Additional Implementation Assistance

While the Centre does not provide consulting services, we can introduce you to consultants who have a proven track record in the For Purpose sector and can provide consulting services to improve organisational performance.

Mentoring Service

Supports Effectiveness and Retention of High Potential Managers

Mentoring is an effective approach to optimise the impact of key individuals and also support talent retention.

The Centre’s mentors are drawn from a pool of senior leaders from the For Purpose sector (either in current or previous role) and matched with high potential mentees. The mentor and mentee meet (in person or via Zoom) 6 times over a 9 month period.

The mentoring service is available to members only.

Knowledge Hub

A Go-To Resource on Operational Excellence

The Knowledge Hub has over 400 curated articles covering different aspects of Operational Excellence within the For Purpose sector.

These articles includes Best Practice toolkits, how-to guides, templates and Whitepapers.

The Knowledge Hub is available to members only.

Organisational membership provides the following benefits :


  • $ 2,000 p.a (If annual revenue < $ 50mn)
  • $ 4,000 p.a (If annual revenue > $ 50mn)


  • Access to Roundtables & Forums
  • Access Best Practice Groups
  • Access Mentoring Service
  • Access Knowledge Hub & On-Line Forum
  • 25% discount on Workshops
  • Opportunity to influence Centre’s focus areas

Non-members can attend Roundtables, Forums & Workshops

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