Improve effectiveness by developing new skills

and learning from peers

Building Capability to Drive Change

The Challenge

Our members highlighted the need to strengthen capability in areas such as strategic management, marketing, revenue acquisition, impact measurement, operations and innovation.

This is even more important in responding to changes due to COVID-19.

However, our members also identified challenges such as :
• Time constraints
• Limited budget for professional development
• Many external workshop offerings are not sector relevant


The Centre draws upon the experience and expertise within the sector to provide a development journey for participants to acquire new skills, internalise them and then apply back at work.

Self-Paced Online Learning

Gain Baseline Knowledge :

  • Participants complete pre-reading articles or self-paced online learning modules
  • Micro-sessions include narrated PowerPoint slides, sector specialist talking heads and activities
  • Allows participants to gain baseline knowledge of key frameworks and best practice approaches so Zoom Workshop can focus on discussion

Zoom Workshop

Internalise Through Discussion :

  • The workshop can focus on group discussion and action planning as participants gained baseline knowledge through online modules
  • Workshop re-inforces key concepts and best practices
  • Use of Zoom break out rooms for small group discussion
  • Participants leave with a greater understanding and an action plan
  • Participants allocated into buddy groups for post-program support

Apply At Work

Support to assist implementation :

  • Participants implement action plan at work
  • Post-program support through self-managed buddy groups
  • Participants access to the Centre’s Knowledge Hub for additional resources

Benefits :

Cost-Effective :

  • $ 330 (members) / $ 440 (non-members) per participant
  • Includes on-line training, Zoom workshop, access to
    Knowledge Hub

Sector-Specific :

  • Subject matter experts from the sector involved in developing workshops and guest speakers
  • Workshop facilitators have sector experience

Upcoming Workshops

Effective CRM Implementation Workshop (Zoom)

It is vital that For Purpose organisations effectively engage, build and sustain rewarding relationships with their donors, supporters, and stakeholders. CRM is no longer just beneficial for the fundraising function.

However, implementing CRM, and embedding a new system into business as usual, can be a challenge.

This workshop will take you through the fundamentals of successful CRM projects for our sector and provide you with practical insights and tools to plan and implement the CRM that’s fit for your purpose.

The workshop will be delivered over three Zoom sessions – each of 2 ½ hours duration.

Topics Covered:

CRM in our Sector:
• Why is it important – Benefits
• Impact of not getting it right

What CRM means to you :
• Who are your stakeholders
• Developing your CRM vision

Key Success Factors:
• Typical challenges & pitfalls
• Where to focus your energy

Creating a CRM road map:
• Implementation stages & activities
• Planning beyond the go-live date

CRM implementation :
• Key issues – project team, data cleansing & migration, user training

Embedding behaviour change :
• How to ensure people use CRM

Panel Discussion:
• Mission Australia (Marion Bennett : Executive – Practice, Quality and Performance
• The Wilderness Society : Matt Brennan (Chief Operations Officer)

Action Planning

When :

Participants complete pre-reading and attend three Zoom sessions – each of 2 ½ hours duration :

  • Monday, 7th September (9.00 – 11.30 a.m)
  • Thursday, 10th September (9.00 – 11.30 a.m)
  • Thursday, 17th September (9.00 – 11.30 a.m)

Fee (GST inclusive) :

Members  $ 330, Non-Members $ 440
Includes pre-reading, Zoom workshops and materials

Your Facilitator: Angeline Veeneman

Angeline Veeneman is a highly respected consultant, facilitator, project manager, IT specialist and business analyst who assists for purpose organisations to implement technology solutions to deliver their purpose and commercial objectives.

Angeline’s sector clients include The Wilderness Society, Amnesty International, Black Dog Institute, the Australian Academy of Science and Community Legal Centres.

Click here to request the Workshop brochure.

Effective Strategic Planning Workshop (Zoom)

The need to deliver on both purpose and commercial objectives in an increasingly open, complex and competitive market is prompting For Purpose sector executives to develop new strategies to diversify revenue streams, optimise impact and improve financially sustainability within the new COVID-19 environment.

The Centre For Social Purpose invites sector leaders to  a modular “Effective Strategic Planning Workshop” to strengthen their strategic thinking skills and apply these tools to improve their own Strategic Plan.

The workshop will be delivered over three Zoom sessions – each of  three hours duration.

Topics Covered:

Strategy Supporting Mission mindset :
• An intentional response to sector changes
• Capitalising on opportunities as governments diversify risk

For Profit vs For Purpose strategic planning :
• Managing tension between purpose and profit drivers

Does Your Strategic Plan support your mission:
• Strategy Gap
• Stretch & Stick Syndrome

Strategic Planning Building Blocks :
• Key drivers : Funding, Values, Services, Market Engagement

Building your SWOT :
• Key elements : Using SWOT to craft strategy

Creating Strategic Goals & Metrics:
• Balancing Impact / Effort
• Identifying metrics to measure progress

Building a Succinct Strategic Plan  :
• Working with your Board
• Part of your operating rhythm
• An integrated plan to future proof your organisation

Panel Discussion : CEO Guest Speakers (TBC) :
• Guide Dogs : Dale Cleave (CEO) TBC
• Able Australia : Kate MacRae (CEO) TBC

Action Planning

When :

Participants complete pre-reading and attend three Zoom sessions – each of 3 hours duration :

  • Wednesday, 23rd September (9.00 a.m – Noon)
  • Wednesday, 7th October (9.00 a.m – Noon)
  • Wednesday, 21st October (9.00 a.m – Noon)

Fee (GST inclusive) :

Members  $ 330, Non-Members $ 440
Includes pre-reading, Zoom workshops and materials

Your Facilitator: Keith Martin

Keith draws upon deep For Purpose sector experience from roles as CEO at Epic Employment Services and Big Brothers Big Sisters Queensland; and Executive Leader roles at EPIC Assist in Europe.

Keith has an MBA, has completed the industry respected Certificate, Strategic Planning in Not For Profit Management at Harvard Business School, and completed Post Graduate Diploma qualifications in Business and Community Services Management.

Click here to request the Workshop brochure.

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